The Creators of the Comic Book

Finally after a long time working with the concept on the upcoming digital comic book via android APP, we are happy to announce that it is now official; we are launching the story of Alice and Bob, sometime this winter.

It is an original physics and math comic book written by David Silverstein and Suzette Lyn. It consists of eight chapters that will reveal the laws of nature, which is based on our daily lives. 

Who are Alice and Bob anyways?

The Characters

The search for a physical theory that unifies the fundamental forces of nature has been sought after for decades.  When carefully examining the fundamental laws of nature, it seems natural that the four fundamental forces should be unified.  Yet what about when it comes to two people who see the world the same way and are also searching for unification — companionship.

When you think of two people exploring black holes and being part of crazy thought experiments, there are two individuals that come to mind.  Their names are Alice and Bob.  We all know of the wild and crazy adventures of Alice and Bob.  Yet when it comes to their love life things become even more crazy and far more wild.  

The Creators

We consist of 5 enthusiastic people from different countries with different roles in the creation of the comic book: Eugenio and Mustafa, our app developers, are from Ecuador and Syria; Syed, our cartoonist is from India; David, our writer is from USA and of course myself, also as writer, from Denmark.  

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