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Paul Dirac: The most beautiful equation - The godfather of Modern Quantum Mechanics Paul Dirac was one of the most significant — and curious — characters in the annals of physics. His contributions to both quantum mechanics and mathematics are both varied and considerable, from the Dirac equation, to early work on quantum field theory that forms the backbone of superstring theories, … Continue reading Paul Dirac: The most beautiful equation
The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III - Dr. Hugh Everett III was one of the more compelling and even bizarre figures in physics, someone was scorned and even ridiculed during their lifetime, only for the influence of their theories to grow beyond science and becoming a pop culture phenomenon after their death. Moreover, he truly and deeply believed in the consequences of his theories, which likely contributed to his death and the later suicide of his daughter.
The Destiny of the Schrodinger’s Cat - For starters, it’s a thought experiment (like those crazy ideas you think at night, it’s the same but a documented one). It came into Schrödinger’s mind while thinking about another thought experiment of Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen (again similar to how you think about crazy ideas of your friends). The EPR experiment shows that a … Continue reading The Destiny of the Schrodinger’s Cat