The world of Suzette Lyn is a full pledge project of Suzette Lyn. She is going to share her knowledge and skills through many different platforms such as web series, comicbook, memes, physics game apps and articles.




Suzette is a science enthusiast. She is known with an active and creative mind. Science and especially physics has always been a huge passion of hers, yet her interest is extremely diverse. This ranges from, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, neurology, artificial intelligence and of course physics. Due to her love of science, she figured what would be a more natural way then to express herself through humor by making memes while talking about her passions.

She realized not only is this great way for her to express herself, but she would be able to both educate the general public as well as make others laugh. Yet aside from educating the general public, this also allowed her to get the attention of specialists in the field who she got to collaborate with. From there it allowed her to move onto the next step where she began her own web series where she would interview scientists from around the world. These interviews would consist of her asking them questions about their life and upbringing as well as have them explaining their line of work in addition to sharing and explaining the latest research they’ve been working on.

But as she went further, her creativity expanded into the next level where she is working a comic book together with David, that will take us to a higher level of understanding about our world.


My mission is to continue to share our knowledge to the general public about our world.