The Creators of the Comic Book - Finally after a long time working with the concept on the upcoming digital comic book via android APP, we are happy to announce that it is now official; we are launching the story of Alice and Bob, sometime this winter. It is an original physics and math comic book written by David Silverstein and Suzette … Continue reading The Creators of the Comic Book
WELCOME - First of all we would like to welcome you all to our website.  All the projects we are currently working on will be put in here, so people will have a place to read all the things that are going on. COMIC BOOK As we already know, David and Suzette are making a comic book.  … Continue reading WELCOME
My website is now available - With the help of Aaron Dominggo, my website is now available. Now people are able to check my latest creation and projects.
30 Memes - I made 30 memes and a new set of character. I am very thankful to all my virtual friends who gave me so much inspiration in creating memes. I would like to thank my virtual Indian friend Deep Bhattacharjee for helping me to come out with some ideas.