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The Superposition Best Friends

First of all we would like to welcome you all to our website.  All the projects we are currently working on will be put in here, so people will have a place to read all the things that are going on.


As we already know, David and Suzette are making a comic book.  Which has been in the works for the past two months.

The comic book is going to be a collaboration with two software developers who are going to make a digital version through a mobile app. (click here to see the Poster)

David and Suzette currently have three chapters, and after taking a week long break they are now ready to continue working.  The climax of the story is coming; when Charlie comes to the scene.

Suzette is now starting all the graphics that will be needed for the first chapter to see how their creations come to life.

We will give more updates on how our projects evolve in the future.


The article about “Can a machine replicate a human brain” is going to be released on 19 August 2020. (Click here to look at the article)



Suzette is going to interview Gabriel Casobona on friday 21 august 2020.  Gabriel is a theoretical astrophysicist who specializes in binary neutron star mergers.  Gabriel first earned his bachelors in physics at Florida International University and then completed his masters at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where he began his research looking into a specific class of supernova known as type IA.  Currently he is working on his PhD at Northwestern University using extremely high tech and sophisticated computational techniques and simulations to study binary neutron star mergers.  By carefully studying the nuclear physics in addition to where the elements within our universe came from, allows him to more carefully study the physical processes of neutron stars and supernovas. 

On saturday 22 August 2020, Suzette is going to interview Dominic Gastaldo who is a colleague and close friend of David Silverstein.  Dominic is a physicist whose areas of interest are general relativity, fluid dynamics and mathematical physics.  Recently, he and David Silverstein are working on a new paper focusing on the mathematical work of the Fields Medatlist Rene Thome.  This paper is a mathematical review on the physics of Structural Stability and Morphogenesis which he is going to present to Suzette on that day.

Post Production Episode 7 

After launching the success of episode 6 “Experience with ATLAS experiment with CERN” where they got good feedback from the physics community, now Suzette is ready for the cutting of the next episode.  This time is not about physics. This episode is about the life of a German scientist who has a double Ph.D, named Christoph. Christoph is a biochemist who has a very strong passion for when it comes to space exploration.  His love for both topics motivated him to gain two PhDs, allowing him to pursue what he loves.  With his knowledge in both fields, he is hoping to help humanity to create a brighter future.  

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