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Daddy’s Presence: A Christmas Tale of Strength, Resilience, and Unwritten Pages

As the holiday season approached once more, a familiar heaviness settled upon my shoulders. Christmas, a time synonymous with joy and celebration, had become a poignant reminder of loss for me. The wound, etched into my heart since my father’s passing on Christmas day in 2011, seemed to open afresh with each advent of December.

Amidst the festive cheer, I found myself navigating a sea of emotions, struggling to keep pace with the jubilant atmosphere that enveloped the world. Colleagues beamed with excitement, and the air at work buzzed with holiday fervor. Yet, for me, Christmas had become an annual pilgrimage through the corridors of agony.

In the midst of this emotional turbulence, I sought solace in the cards – the Tarot cards, to be precise. Shuffling the deck, I laid out the cards, and there it was, staring back at me – Strength.

The Strength card, often depicted with a figure taming a lion, goes beyond its literal interpretation. It speaks of inner fortitude, resilience, and the ability to face life’s challenges with grace. In that moment, it was as if the cards were urging me to find strength within, to confront the annual torrent of grief that accompanied the holiday season.

Drawing inspiration from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and metacognitive therapy, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. The Strength card, a visual representation of courage, became a touchstone in my quest to overcome the lingering sadness that gripped me each December.

One of the therapeutic strategies I adopted was to resurrect a dormant passion – a book I had started writing two decades ago. My father had been a staunch supporter of my writing endeavors, finding joy in the worlds I crafted with words. As I delved back into the manuscript, I realized that continuing this literary journey could be a poignant way to honor his memory.

By dedicating the book to my father, I felt a subtle shift in perspective. His passing was not just a painful loss but a bequest of strength. In my mind’s eye, I could almost hear him encouraging me to forge ahead, to continue the journey of my thoughts whether he was physically present or not. The passion that resonated within me, the very essence of my writing, became a source of solace.

Through the lens of metacognitive therapy, I began to challenge the negative thoughts associated with my father’s death. Instead of viewing Christmas as a time of sorrow, I reframed it as an opportunity to draw on the strength he had instilled in me. His absence became a catalyst for resilience, and the act of writing became a conduit for transforming grief into a positive force.

With each stroke of the pen, I embraced the positive side of his absence. The book, once a dormant project, now became a testament to the strength that emerged from the crucible of loss. Every word penned was a step toward healing, a stride toward viewing Christmas not as a painful reminder but as a celebration of the enduring strength bestowed upon me.

In the dance of tarot cards and therapeutic reflections, I discovered a path to reclaiming Christmas. The Strength card, a silent mentor in the journey of healing, whispered that resilience could blossom from the seeds of sorrow. And as I continued to write, I felt my father’s presence intertwined with the ink on the pages, a gentle reminder that his legacy lived on in the strength that now guided me through the festive seasons.

Criticism with a Stoic Mindset: Embracing Individuality and Purpose

Recently, someone asked me for a date. When I declined the invitation, the tone shifted, and a barrage of criticism ensued over the phone. In about five minutes, the caller questioned my intentions and choices, particularly regarding my website. He implied that my creation of tarot cards and sharing my life story was an attempt to portray myself as someone else.

In such moments, Stoic philosophy becomes a guiding light, offering principles to help me navigate criticism and stay true to my path.

1. Understanding the Source of Criticism

Instead of letting criticism fester, I took a moment to consider the source. Understanding that everyone has their perspective and biases allowed me to approach the criticism with a level-headed mindset.

2. Separating Opinions from Self-Worth

Stoicism encourages us to detach our self-worth from external opinions. Rather than internalizing the critique as a judgment of my value, I chose to separate my identity from the opinions of others.

3. Focusing on What’s Within My Control

Stoics emphasize directing energy toward factors within our control. I reflected on the aspects of my website that align with my vision and purpose, rather than dwelling on opinions beyond my influence.

4. Turning Criticism into an Opportunity for Growth

Stoicism encourages us to view challenges as opportunities for growth. Instead of seeing criticism as a setback, I considered it a chance to refine and clarify my intentions, making my website a more authentic representation of my journey.

5. Accepting Impermanence

Stoic philosophy teaches us to accept the impermanence of external circumstances. Realizing that criticism, – like praise, is temporary, helped me maintain a sense of tranquility amid the storm of opinions.

6. Choosing Virtue Over Reputation

Stoics prioritize virtue over reputation. In the face of criticism, I focused on upholding the values and principles that matter to me, recognizing that the opinions of others don’t define my character.

7. Continuing the Pursuit of Passion

Stoicism advocates for staying true to our passions despite external judgment. With renewed determination, As I planned, I am bringing back the original concept of my website, acknowledging that my journey is a unique and evolving process.

In embracing these Stoic principles, I found solace and strength to pursue my path with authenticity and resilience. Critics may come and go, but the steadfast commitment to my purpose and individuality remains unwavering. Stoicism, with its practical wisdom, provides a timeless guide to weathering the storms of criticism and staying true to oneself.