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Criticism with a Stoic Mindset: Embracing Individuality and Purpose

Recently, someone asked me for a date. When I declined the invitation, the tone shifted, and a barrage of criticism ensued over the phone. In about five minutes, the caller questioned my intentions and choices, particularly regarding my website. He implied that my creation of tarot cards and sharing my life story was an attempt to portray myself as someone else.

In such moments, Stoic philosophy becomes a guiding light, offering principles to help me navigate criticism and stay true to my path.

1. Understanding the Source of Criticism

Instead of letting criticism fester, I took a moment to consider the source. Understanding that everyone has their perspective and biases allowed me to approach the criticism with a level-headed mindset.

2. Separating Opinions from Self-Worth

Stoicism encourages us to detach our self-worth from external opinions. Rather than internalizing the critique as a judgment of my value, I chose to separate my identity from the opinions of others.

3. Focusing on What’s Within My Control

Stoics emphasize directing energy toward factors within our control. I reflected on the aspects of my website that align with my vision and purpose, rather than dwelling on opinions beyond my influence.

4. Turning Criticism into an Opportunity for Growth

Stoicism encourages us to view challenges as opportunities for growth. Instead of seeing criticism as a setback, I considered it a chance to refine and clarify my intentions, making my website a more authentic representation of my journey.

5. Accepting Impermanence

Stoic philosophy teaches us to accept the impermanence of external circumstances. Realizing that criticism, – like praise, is temporary, helped me maintain a sense of tranquility amid the storm of opinions.

6. Choosing Virtue Over Reputation

Stoics prioritize virtue over reputation. In the face of criticism, I focused on upholding the values and principles that matter to me, recognizing that the opinions of others don’t define my character.

7. Continuing the Pursuit of Passion

Stoicism advocates for staying true to our passions despite external judgment. With renewed determination, As I planned, I am bringing back the original concept of my website, acknowledging that my journey is a unique and evolving process.

In embracing these Stoic principles, I found solace and strength to pursue my path with authenticity and resilience. Critics may come and go, but the steadfast commitment to my purpose and individuality remains unwavering. Stoicism, with its practical wisdom, provides a timeless guide to weathering the storms of criticism and staying true to oneself.

Dad’s Wisdom, Stoic Bliss at Life’s Window

As the rain gently orchestrates the beginning of a new day, I find solace in the quiet moments by the window. Gratitude becomes my morning companion, inspired by the wisdom of the Stoics and the gentle teachings of my father.

Commencing the Day with Dad’s Sage Counsel

In these seemingly simple moments, my morning ritual becomes a secret weapon, an homage to the Stoics, and a nod to my father’s timeless wisdom. Witnessing my father’s early morning prayers at 5 am, accompanied by profound contemplation on life, I discovered the beauty in simplicity. Through this daily practice, he emerged as the humblest person I’ve ever known.

Paulino Agamata de Roma

Confronting Life’s Trials with a Stoic Grin, Following Dad’s Lead

As the day unfolds, challenges materialize – a daunting meeting, a looming deadline, or the general tumult of life. Here, I embrace Stoicism, guided by my father’s enduring lessons.

Stoicism teaches me that not everything is within my control, but my response is. Armed with a Stoic smile inspired by my father’s calm demeanor, I confront challenges, acknowledging that the true locus of control lies within my mind.

In moments of adversity, instead of succumbing to frustration, I draw a deep breath and channel my inner Stoic, mirroring my father’s approach. It’s not about capitulation but acknowledging the reality and choosing not to let it steal my joy.

Discovering Bliss in Simple Moments, Guided by Dad

Stoicism nudges me to uncover joy in the present moment, akin to the simplicity my father found in life. Whether savoring my favorite meal, relishing a friend’s laughter, or basking in the sun’s warmth – these are the keys to happiness, according to both my father and the Stoics.

Weaving Human Connection, Inspired by Dad’s Wisdom

In the crucible of challenges, Stoicism underscores the value of human connection. It whispers that sharing burdens and joys with others is the secret ingredient for a contented life. Following my father’s teachings, I reach out to friends, swap stories, and realize I’m not alone in navigating life’s undulating terrain.


Reflecting on the Day with a Content Heart, My Father’s Legacy

As the day winds down, I reflect Stoically, not in self-critique but with a sense of acknowledgment. It’s about recognizing my efforts, celebrating small victories, and releasing what lies beyond my control – a legacy bequeathed by my father.

My Unique Stoic Blend for Happiness, Infused with Dad’s Insight

In the simple act of waking up and expressing gratitude, I embark on my personal Stoic journey toward happiness, enriched by my father’s timeless wisdom. It encompasses gratitude, resilience, acceptance, finding joy in the moment, connecting with others, and concluding the day with contentment.